Okay, firstly I wasn’t planning on writing a review for this episode. I was planning on writing one after season 2A ended. But I cannot hold myself back and what I have to say won’t fit in my Instagram caption. First up, I want to say that I love The Mortal Instruments books from the core of my heart, they’re my life, they’re everything and every single character is very special to me. I know that as a reader a lot of the changes that they’ve made seems a bit cringe-worthy and unnecessary but I’d given up on the hope that the show is going to be like the books a very long time ago. And honestly, the more I watch Shadowhunters, the more I seem to get accustomed with some of the changes. I cannot believe how much this show has evolved. I honestly cannot believe how much I love it. Yes, I liked Season 1 even though it wasn’t my absolute favorite, partly because I read the books first.

Anyway, we are here to talk about episode 2. OMG! I can’t! I lost my shit watching this episode. I was kind of expecting Maia to show up in this one but that did not happen. But, but, but, we got to see Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, the real Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I cannot tell y’all how I feel right now. I mean weren’t we all waiting for this day? I know that I was.
Yes, you don’t have runes that can show you the past or lets you peek into someone’s memories as far as I know but take a chill pill. It’s alright! Calm down! Don’t freak out about every single change. Some people are hella negative about this show and it has started to bother me at this point of time when the effort the actors and the showrunners have put into making this show better for us all is quite evident if you watch the show and not just be a biased reader. Anyway, back to Jonathan. So we got to see baby Sebastian aka Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I was watching it with my Mum and the moment I saw Jocelyn carrying a baby, I was like, the eyes, they’ve got to show the eyes. And OMG! I can’t! I’ll just attach the pic that I screenshoted right after I watched the scene. Any mention of Sebastian makes me go crazy y’all. I lost my shit! I had to pause and ogle the baby for a while before continuing. fullscreen-capture-1102017-14222-pm-copy-2-copy-copy-bmp

Secondly, the Raphael and Simon scenes were on point. #Saphael 😛 #Goals I am a shipper. I wasn’t one when I read the books, just putting it out there. The scene where Izzy kicks butt was amazing. I love Emeraude. My heart is breaking for Alec. No one can understand what he must be feeling right now. It’s just so sad. I feel even worse for Izzy. Neither can she keep Alec from killing himself trying to find Jace-his Parabatai nor can she sit still and not do anything. I’d hate to be in her place right now. Valentine’s being a raging maniac as usual.

But the absolute best thing about this episode was when Simon and Magnus portals to India. To Agra! We can see the Taj-Mahal in the background and it was just…..I am an Indian and this is like a dream come true. LOL! I’d never thought I’d see this day.fullscreen-capture-1102017-14326-pm-bmp

Simon is struggling as hell to understand and fully comprehend his powers. My poor baby gets thrown out of every single place. I feel so sorry for him. Honestly, I loved it when Magnus and Simon were together. I was just waiting for Magnus to forget his name and call him Sheldon or something but that did not happen.

So you can say I quite enjoyed this episode. I wasn’t expecting a lot of the things that happened. Sebastian took me by surprise. Oh man! I am gonna have to watch it all over again. I keep rewinding and watching that one particular scene over and over again.

You gotta watch Shadowhunters Season 2. I as a diehard fan of the books recommend it.



Author: thebookishfae

Hello, fellow bibliophiles, I am Amrita. I like to read and write. I am a cat lover, wannabe Shadowhunter and an Engineering student. That's all about me. Let's talk books.

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